Doreen Dilger

Doreen Dilger, Master Motivator, Excuse Eliminator and Goal-get-her, is a time management, productivity and organizing expert, speaker, author and mentor on how to achieve entrepreneurial success while living a lifestyle business.

Known as the “The Home-Based Business Coach”, Doreen works with fast-moving, highly-motivated women entrepreneurs who want to make a BIG leap in their business that works with their lifestyle and who want a clear vision and plan to get there.

She will show you how to STOP working so hard, stop the distractions that pull you off track and START focusing on the core essentials:  prioritized action steps that put you back on track.

Her secret weapon?  Planning with focus.  Having over twenty years creating successful businesses, her clients say her rare gift is to cut through the clutter, create a plan that will help them achieve, produce results and enjoy a lifestyle business.

A natural mentor, motivator and leader for business owners, Doreen can instantly see what’s blocking and preventing you from a successful business — and will skillfully help implement strategies and systems.

And whether she’s running her signature business program for entrepreneurs, networking, publishing her next book, flying to Florida for beach therapy, or walking her dogs at the crack-of-dawn, there’s no doubt about it: this is a woman who knows how to Power Up her Productivity.


Doreen is a Certified Manifest Method Coach, Author and Speaker.  Learn more at her website